We design, deliver and support solutions for the health and wellbeing of the poor.

We believe in Everyday Wellbeing for all
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Beyond Health to Wellbeing :

A positive rather than neutral state, framing health
as a positive aspiration.


Promoting Worker Wellbeing


Informal workers, especially women, face challenges
to their wellbeing and advancement.


We developed a workplace gender equality model that
enhances worker wellbeing while creating value for


The model has led to a 40% reduction in gender pay gap
and impacted 2,00,000 women workers across 11 countries.


Invest for Wellness (i4We)


Communities who have the greatest need for
primary healthcare are least likely to receive it.


i4We combines medicine, social and behaviour
change, and financing layered on community
institutions to deliver prevention and treatment.


i4We seeks to improve the health and wealth of
the 400 million Indian poor by connecting
community, service providers and facilitators.


Empowering Women in Sex Work


Women in sex work (WSW) have very little social or legal
protection in India.


In association with Swathi Mahila Sangha, we created an
empowerment model, Pragati, to safeguard the interests
of WSW.


In 2014, we scaled the model to five states, working with
87 community organisations benefiting 121,000 WSW,
vulnerable gay men and transgender people.


Delivering Social Protection


Unaffordable health care pushes nearly
40 million Indians into poverty each


In collaboration with UNDP, we piloted
models for marginalised communities
that would ensure access to
government schemes.


As of today, the innovation has reached
200,000 people with benefits worth ₹12

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Why Us?

It all starts with Community.
As Swasti, we start with the community at the center of it all, driven by evidence and confidence. This helps us create real and resilient solutions that change things on ground, with long lasting impact. Our solutions transform and sustain, because they come from a place of compassionate care and collective competence.
And that is our secret source.

Strengthening the dots.

As a social impact leaders we go beyond connecting the dots, working closely with a diverse range of partners and bringing together people, ideas and innovation to bolster the intersections of connections to power wellbeing outcomes.

Our Work

Our work helps shape safer and secure, healthier and prosperous lives across the world.

Our Partnerships

[Read More]

Invest for Wellness (i4we)

i4We provides accessible and affordable primary healthcare services to the poor. [Read More]

Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights

We champion women’s sexual reproductive health rights and promote their access to services. [Read More]

Life Skills for All

We advance the wellbeing of women workers while creating value for businesses. [Read More]

Water, Sanitation, Hygiene

We ensure access to clean water and usable toilets besides promoting good sanitation and hygiene practices. [Read More]

Social Protection

We promote social inclusion and dignity of the poor and vulnerable. [Read More]

Health Systems Strengthening

We strengthen health systems to enhance public health outcomes for the poor and marginalised. [Read More]

Prevention of Gender Based Violence

We prevent violence against women, girls and sexual minorities. [Read More]

Technology for Health

We leverage and communitise technology to improve health outcomes for the poorest. [Read More]

Our People

Angela Chaudhuri

Photo of Angela Chaudhuri

Dr. Angela Chaudhuri is a Director and Member of the Governing Body at Swasti Health Catalyst. Angela brings expertise of over 15 years strengthening health systems, establishing monitoring and evaluation systems, and building country level capacities to address global health challenges across countries in South Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa. She is a Board Member of The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH). Angela is a Master of Public Health from Boston University.

Joseph Julian

Photo of Joseph Julian

Joseph Julian is a Director at Swasti Health Catalyst and leads the thematic Life Skills for All and Social Protection portfolios. His sectoral experiences span HIV, social protection, and human resources in health.

N Raghunathan

Photo of N Raghunathan

N Raghunathan is a co-founder of Swasti Health Catalyst, and is a Mentor and Governing Board Member. Raghu facilitates solutions at scale that eliminate inequities, marginalisation, hunger and poverty.

Shama Karkal

Photo of Shama Karkal

Shama Karkal is the CEO of Swasti Health Catalyst. Shama leads our efforts and partnerships, in India and across the globe, to bring health innovations to those who need it the most.

Shaonli Chakraborty

Photo of Shaonli Chakraborty

Shaonli Chakraborty leads the delivery of Swasti Health Catalyst’s flagship urban health model. She is an expert in community health, gender and development.

Shiv Kumar

Photo of Shiv Kumar

Shiv Kumar is the founder of Swasti Health Catalyst. With 26 years of experience in institution building and social impact, he leads our system innovation effort in primary healthcare.

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Get Involved

Corporate Support

Corporate partnerships support our innovations, programme implementation and scaling of initiatives to ensure that everyone who needs healthcare has access to it. Write to us at [email protected].


Our collaborations with technology startups have addressed critical needs in healthcare. If you are a startup that wants to test a technology impact idea for people and communities in need, reach out to us at [email protected].

Research & Academia

We have partnered with researchers and academic institutions to uncover evidence that informs sector strategies and shape policies. If you are looking to collaborate with a non-profit committed to advancing health for all, do write to us at [email protected].