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Health Systems Strengthening

We examine and address systemic bottlenecks to strengthen health systems.

Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) is critical to prevent, detect and respond to epidemics and promote the wellbeing of people. Improving efficiencies of core HSS functions – health workforce, health finance, health governance; health information, medical products, vaccines; and technologies and service delivery – is vital to ensure sustained health outcomes for the poor.

We care about access to essential health services for underserved, marginalised and high priority groups.

We provide a wide range of strategic support to Health Departments, Civil Society Organisations and Development Partners on strategic planning, functional reviews, programme reviews, policy development and resource mobilisation.

Our innovations have strengthened health workforce related policies and practices across state and non-state actors.

The persistent challenges of health workforce led us to believe that HRH think-tanks, an HR Cell at the state level, who would help design and implement HR Policies and reforms at the level of health departments was the way to go. We also realised that there was much to be learned from other sectors who run health systems, including those in the public sector like in the Ministries of Railways, Defence, and Labour, from where lessons and best practices would be adopted by the Ministry and State Departments of Health. We were fortunate to have a three year investment into this innovative programme from the European Union.

Our work has transformed the focus on service delivery to have an emphasis on workforce-related challenges and initiatives.

State Departments of Health in Kerala and Madhya Pradesh have set up the HR Cell, initiated reforms and adopted new management practices to transform the way to recruit, motivate employees and manage performance. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, passed a government order on instituting an HRH think tank, which as we know is currently active. Through our design, subsequent resource mobilisation and capacity building, the programmes of HIV, TB and Health Systems Strengthening in Maldives, India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Lao PDR have all impacted the lives of the affected communities.

Watch this film, where some of these challenges have been overcome by a motivated committed health workforce, who believed that systemic change would save lives.

Our vision is to continue to build strong health systems that promote the wellbeing of people and save lives. If you share this vision, write to us at [email protected]

Our Thematic Experts

Dr. Angela Chaudhuri

Director, Swasti Health Catalyst

Shiv Kumar

Founder, Swasti Health Catalyst

Dr. Ranjani Gopinath

Senior Public Health Specialist - Lead for the Comprehensive Primary Health Care Alliance

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  • Wellbeing for Workforce
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  • Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights
    Our efforts in Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) champion women’s rights to lead violence-free lives, create vibrant community platform for long term community action and stakeholder engagement, and strengthen community institutions for sustainable behaviour change.
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  • Social Protection
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  • Prevention of Gender Based Violence
    Promoting gender equality is an integral part of all our work.
  • Health Systems Strengthening
    We examine and address systemic bottlenecks to strengthen health systems that enhance public health outcomes for the poor and marginalised.
  • Technology for Health
    From service delivery and insights-driven decision making to enabling work collaboration, technology makes us agile and efficient.
  • One Health
    When the people, animals, and environment are put together they make up the One Health Triad.
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    The COVID-19 global pandemic has showed us that we are not world unprepared and that we are often more reactive than proactive
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