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Social Protection

Our work in Social Protection promotes inclusion and upholds the dignity of the poor.

Poor health pushes people and households into poverty, in part by reducing household labour capacity and increasing medical expenses. Social protection measures by government and private entities that provide food and nutritional security, housing, employment, income and insurance are therefore critical for the poor and marginalised to achieve good health and wellbeing.

We care about improving access to social protection for the poor.

Our models have created demand among the poor for various schemes that can improve their lives and tailored schemes to meet the real needs of communities. Supported by UNDP, we tested and developed models for NACO, where 900% returns were delivered in eight months. Four different models for enhanced social protection access reached 19,000 people in three States. We facilitated employment for key affected populations and people living with HIV to identify solutions and better understand challenges.

Our innovations support grassroots organisations to facilitate social protection for their members.

In 2013-’15, we created a learning site for Social Protection in Bengaluru that built capacities of community organisations to better serve their members by ensuring member access to social protection. Experiences from this site were shared widely. We believe that information is power and developed a portal for social protection that brought together comprehensive information about 200+ schemes on one searchable website.

We have transformed lives by reducing vulnerability to poverty through social protection.

We were able to reduce vulnerability and transform the lives of 1,21,000+ people across five States by generating demand, facilitating access and building capacities of local organisations. During 2014-’17, we supported 74 help desks in 50 districts to generate benefits of over ₹15 billion in the hands of the community.

We have demonstrated that with appropriate use of social protection it is possible to improve health outcomes and we are happy to share our experiences and expand the impact.

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Our Experts

P Bhoopathy


N Raghunathan

Co-Founder, Catalyst Group

Joseph Julian

Director, Swasti Health Catalyst

Priya Babu

Regional Impact Officer, Taaras

Stories & News

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