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Technology for Health

From service delivery and insights driven decision making to enabling work collaboration, technology makes us agile and efficient.

Advances in technology have not led to significant improvements within the public or even the private health system. Difficult attitudes, reluctance to change and experimentation, poor knowledge and skill sets, infrastructure and finance requirements, and the interoperability of various technologies are all critical factors that affect the less than expected growth and development over time.

We care about our people who work tirelessly to make a difference to the causes they are passionate about.

Guided by this commitment, our work enables our people to adopt technology to collaborate, learn, and shape new solutions. They add tremendous value to the health workforce, governments, programmes, thereby better serving the communities we reach.

Our solutions have shown real impact.

For instance, the application mCollect has tracked donations worth ₹5,600,000 raised by 6000+ members from 35 Community Organisations as of 31 March 2017; Taaras has helped track the vulnerability status and service delivery and uptake by 1,21,000+ members, increasing community engagement from 56% to 73%, over five years; United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Nigeria and the Government of Nigeria uses our Milestone App for effective decision making and better manage projects.

Our solutions leverage technology to accelerate social change in underserved and vulnerable communities. We invite civil society organisations, entrepreneurs, startups and companies to join hands and co-design technology solutions that can solve the most critical health problems of the poor.

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Our Thematic Experts

Shama Karkal

CEO, Swasti Health Catalyst

Prachi Patel


Ashish Melanta

Resident Expert, Technology Solutions

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  • Invest for Wellness
    Invest for Wellness provides affordable, accessible and quality primary health services, every day, all through the year, to urban and rural poor.
  • Wellbeing for Workforce
    Our Wellbeing for Workforce (W4W) initiatives positively impacting workers’ personal lives also adds value to business growth for companies.
  • Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights
    Our efforts in Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) champion women’s rights to lead violence-free lives, create vibrant community platform for long term community action and stakeholder engagement, and strengthen community institutions for sustainable behaviour change.
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
    Our WaSH initiatives reduced disease incidences by educating and engaging local governments, village communities and schools, and improving drinking water systems, access to toilets and handwashing facilities.
  • Social Protection
    We ensure access to social protection to promote inclusion and dignity of the poor and vulnerable.
  • Prevention of Gender Based Violence
    Promoting gender equality is an integral part of all our work.
  • Health Systems Strengthening
    We examine and address systemic bottlenecks to strengthen health systems that enhance public health outcomes for the poor and marginalised.
  • Technology for Health
    From service delivery and insights-driven decision making to enabling work collaboration, technology makes us agile and efficient.
  • One Health
    When the people, animals, and environment are put together they make up the One Health Triad.
  • Global Health Security & Pandemic Response
    The COVID-19 global pandemic has showed us that we are not world unprepared and that we are often more reactive than proactive
  • WellTech