Know Us


We support and nurture innovators, practitioners and technologists with solutions for achieving better health of the poor and vulnerable.

There are many ideas out there that can improve the health and well-being of the poor. As a “springboard,” we support and nurture innovators, practitioners, and technologists to share and tap into our expertise, develop their own capacities, and contribute solutions for impacting community health. We welcome anyone who sees an opportunity to reach out to us.

Our collaborations include:

  1. iCalQ: We have worked with Dr. Joel Ehrenkranz to identify opportunities, funding and partnerships in India that will allow this technology to be used in India especially to screen newborns for congenital hypothyroidism.
  2. Soapy:We support the Soapy team, from Israel, to take handwashing systems for better hygiene to local schools and communities.
  3. Chromagar: We partnered with the French company CHROMagar to pilot its innovative solution for communities to test and record water quality on their own.